How to translate the vibe of music festivals and carnival to a fashion brand?
Regla Store bears the nickname of its founder, Thais, who refers to colors, swing and harmony. Its mission is to bring freedom to people, to get out of the ordinary, to be original and to use clothes as a spokesperson for ideas and goals. Fashion is a behavior, a gesture, an opinion and that goes far beyond clothes.

Regla's initial brand did not follow her personality, it was very generic and that bothered Thais, who came to me to totally redesign the brand. The process was very interesting because it led the founder to question herself and discover things she hadn't thought about before. As the performance of the Regla Store is mainly online, I was inspired by the swing of the dance and the sound of the name itself to create a very striking, dynamic and modern visual identity.

Visual Identity 
[ Regla Store, Niterói, Brazil, 2019 ]

"It was so incredible and so important this change in our visual identity, that we don't know how to thank you for this incredible work! Funny that during the process our characteristics and objectives became clearer and we were able to affirm our purpose much more since then. Thank you so much for doing with so much love and affection a job that marks the beginning of a lot of good things to come "
Thais Pires, Stylist and Founder of Regla Store
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