Absolut Apeach was being launched in Brazil and faced the challenge of standing out at the points of sale. 

To communicate the launch, a set of point-of-sale material was created: bottleneck flyer with drink recipe, promotional packaging and display glorifier.The recipe for drinks in the bottle helps the consumer to experience the new flavor.

Project selected for the 9th Brazilian Design Biennial | 2009.

Point-of-Sale Design
 [ Client: Absolut Apeach  | Agency: POP Marketing | My participation: Design of point-of-sale materials, using the brand's international campaign, with Tatiana Andrino] 
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2006

Selected for the 9th Brazilian Design Biennial | 2009.
Created in 2006 while working at POP Marketing agency in partnership with Tatiana Andrino.

Fernanda Galindo
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