Lugou is the evolution of the traditional rent and offers accommodation per day with the concept of a professional host. 
It does this through its own technology and expertise in the segment, providing a solution for both parts: for seasoned property investors as well as travelers. Facilitating and professionalizing leases, Lugou guarantees a quality standard that avoids negative surprises for the traveler.
Freedom of coming and going, movement and construction were the inspirations for creation. This idea brought me the desire to work with a modular brand, using geometric shapes as minimalist constructions to build a mobile and modular brand.

Visual Identity 
[ Eninova Lugou, Pernambuco, Brazil, 2020 ]

The typography has been created for the brand, inspired by the subway lines, an urban and modular reference. 
Modern, minimalist and rounded lines, bring the feeling of comfort and technology and the lowercase characters bring the brand closer. Balancing with the other elements of visual identity, the chromatic scale had the role of bringing strength and valuing modernity and minimalism. For this I chose to be monochrome and use black and white.

The innovative characteristic of the company brought the idea of creating a mobile brand, both in typography and symbol, always following the modular grid. 

In addition to the vertical and horizontal signatures, expanded versions were also created, to be used in a complementary way to the main version or in materials where there is the opportunity to “play” with the graphics to enhance the brand concept.
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