Cruelty-free bags and accessories for stylish woman that values sustainability and love for all living beings.
 Love & Love is a vegan bags and accessories brand based in UK that prioritise fairness, sustainability, ethical working practices and cruelty-free production methods. They have a responsibility to consider the ethical aspects of fashion but also strives to forge a business that evolves to become an entity that produces pieces that make women feel good about themselves. Love & Love aim is to do this by encouraging mind, body, soul and planet-wide positivity. They believe in respect to all beings, human or animal and courage steps towards a world where we live in harmony with our beautiful surroundings. That belief is the core inspiration for the brand concept.

Visual Identity |  Graphic Design
[ Love & Love Vegan Design, Leeds, UK, 2020 ]

In the same way that the heart symbolises the core of life and the connections in life, we see the earth, the soil and particularly seeds as the beginning of life. 
The inspiration for Love & Love, therefore, is the humble seed. To compose the Visual Identity, I created prints with the symbol and also a pattern with botanical illustrations of animals, expanding the idea of ​​love to any type of life. The Visual Identity was very well applied by the customer in his products, using details of the symbol with great consistency. 

Fernanda Galindo
+55 (21) 98607-0574

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