To change, resignify, see life from another angle. Coletivo Nabu is a platform for sustainable experiences.
We are Coletivo Nabu, a platform of experiences that continues to search (NA BUsca in portuguese). We seek a better world and new meanings for the lives of people who connect with us. We believe that sustainability is an urgent matter and we seek to promote this issue lightly, through transparency, listening and exchange. After all, we know that this is a path, a quest to be as sustainable as possible, one step at a time.
We offer new experiences such as products, content and services for modern, opinion-forming people who care about the planet, are open-minded and willing to change. Let's go together in the search?

The Brand is Cool, Versatile, Well-informed and Modern
The idea of seeing life from another angle inspired the creation of an ambigram logo: a graphic representation of a word that can be read rotated or inverted horizontally. 

Brand Manifesto | Visual Identity |  Graphic Design
[ Coletivo Nabu, Niterói, Brazil, 2020 ]
The brand concept led to a big focus for its typography, and it was created exclusively for the project. 

Inspired by the magician's archetype, playing with legibility where anything can happen, it uses symmetrical and rounded strokes from the letters n and a.The creation started with the characters of the brand, and went on to the other letters of the alphabet to complete and offer flexibility in use.
Fernanda Galindo

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